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... and as someone that has been involved with national, state & local politics for 25 plus years I've seen a lot of great and not so great candidates for various offices come and go! But Donald Rainwater, the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of the State of Indiana is a refreshing breath of Liberty! I am 110% supporting and publicly endorsing Rainwater for Indiana! His love for Indiana,, the Constitution & Freedom along with his desire for BETTER GOVERNMENT NOT BIGGER GOVERNMENT make Donald Rainwater my pick for Governor of the State of Indiana! He should be your's too!

— Kristopher Bilbrey - Host of 'Perception IS Reality'

After careful consideration, the Pro Life Libertarian Caucus officially endorses Donald Rainwater for Governor of Indiana. Donald’s consistent pro life stance has earned him this endorsement. This caucus believes that under most circumstances abortion violates the non aggression principle and we work towards ending the practice. We are happy to stand with anyone who will help to secure the rights of all people, and most especially the rights of preborn people. We encourage all voters to join us in supporting Donald Rainwater for Governor of Indiana.

— Russell Brooksbank, Chairman, Pro Life Libertarian Caucus

— Jon Schaffer, CEO and Professional Musician

My husband and I were one of the first 100 Farmers to help bring Hemp back to the state of Indiana in 2019. We are local farm in Clark County, Indiana and harvested the first crop in 80 years last year. Outside of the 2020 hurtles that have been thrown our way, we have had many regulation issues. A key thing for us in this election is getting these issues resolves. The current Governor Holcomb has done more to create problems for this new industry than to help it thrive. The biggest bomb shell was put into law Aug. 13th 2020 with the outlaw of "smokable" hemp flower. Rainwater's new plan will allow not only hemp to thrive in IN but all cannabis products. 
We would like everyone to know there are 3 candidates to choose from and for the first time ever the Libertarian Party is bringing in record votes. If voted in as the next Governor of Indiana we think it should be covered now and next Tuesday when the outcome of the election is settled. Donald Rainwater has a really good chance of making history and becoming the first Libertarian Governor for Indiana.
— Kelly Linne, Co-Founder | COO of Hoosier Hempster

I endorse  Donald Rainwater for Governor for the great state of Indiana. He has the same commitment to the Constitutional principles of limited government and individual liberties that I do and has earned my vote.

— Republican State Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour

— Matt and Adia Yergler, Owners of Yergy's State Road BBQ

Stop Government Overreach in Indiana! endorses Donald Rainwater because he is the only gubernatorial candidate who will open Indiana by ending the unconstitutional government overreach and get Hoosiers back to living. — Andy Lyons - Founder

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