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Upholding the 10th Amendment: A Commitment to State Sovereignty

As your next Governor, I will stand firm in my dedication to preserving the principles of federalism and safeguarding the rights of our great state. Let us delve into the profound significance of the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

  1. The 10th Amendment in Context:

    • “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    • These words encapsulate the essence of federalism—a delicate balance between national authority and state autonomy.
  2. Federalism Defined:

    • Federalism is the bedrock of our constitutional system. It recognizes that our nation is a union of both a central government and individual states.
    • The Founding Fathers intentionally crafted this balance to prevent tyranny, ensuring that no single entity could wield unchecked power.
  3. Enumerated Powers and State Sovereignty:

    • The Constitution grants specific powers to the federal government (enumerated powers). These include matters such as national defense, foreign affairs, and interstate commerce.
    • However, the 10th Amendment underscores that any powers not explicitly granted to the federal government remain with the states.
    • This principle reinforces the sovereignty of each state, allowing them to govern their internal affairs independently.
  4. State Autonomy and Decision-Making:

    • As Hoosiers, we cherish our unique identity and regional needs. Our state government understands these nuances better than a distant federal bureaucracy.
    • The 10th Amendment empowers Indiana to make decisions that align with our values, culture, and local context.
    • Whether it’s education, healthcare, or economic policy, we believe in the wisdom of decentralized decision-making.
  5. Challenges and Vigilance:

    • Over time, the balance of power has shifted. Some federal actions encroach upon state prerogatives.
    • As your Governor, I pledge to vigilantly defend our state’s rights. I will collaborate with the General Assembly to ensure that federal overreach is met with principled resistance.
    • We must safeguard our ability to address Hoosier-specific challenges without undue interference.
  6. The People’s Voice:

    • Ultimately, the 10th Amendment serves the people. It recognizes that sovereignty resides not only in state capitals but also in the hearts of our citizens.
    • When we protect state autonomy, we honor the diverse voices and aspirations of Hoosiers—from urban centers to rural communities.

Let us embrace the spirit of federalism—the delicate dance between national unity and local autonomy. By upholding the 10th Amendment, we reaffirm that our government exists Of The People, By The People, and For The People.

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