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Streamlining Vehicle Registration and Abolishing Vehicle Excise Taxes

As your next Governor, I pledge to collaborate with members of the General Assembly to streamline vehicle registration processes. Going forward, you’ll only need to register your vehicle once—either upon purchase or during a title transfer. Additionally, we’re committed to abolishing the annual excise tax on vehicles and the obligatory renewal of license plates or stickers. These changes will not only simplify the system but also result in substantial savings by reducing BMV administrative costs.

By implementing streamlined vehicle registration processes and enhancing efficiency in our state’s transportation system, here’s how we can achieve these reforms:

  1. Unified Vehicle Registration:

    • Collaborate with the General Assembly to enact legislation that simplifies vehicle registration. Hoosiers should only need to register their vehicles once—either upon purchase or during a title transfer.
    • Streamline the paperwork and digital processes involved.
  2. Abolishing Annual Excise Tax:

    • Work with legislators to eliminate the annual excise tax on vehicles. This tax can be burdensome for Hoosiers and adds administrative overhead.
  3. License Plate and Sticker Renewal Reforms:

    • Propose legislation to end the obligatory renewal of license plates or stickers.
  4. Cost Savings and Administrative Efficiency:

    • By reducing administrative costs at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), we can allocate resources more effectively.

These reforms are about making life easier for Hoosiers while maintaining fiscal responsibility. By prioritizing efficiency, transparency, and citizen-centric solutions, we can create a more effective vehicle registration system for Indiana.

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