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Promoting Fiscal Responsibility and Property Rights: A Case for TIF Reform in Indiana

As your next Governor and advocate for liberty and sound governance, I propose significant reforms to Indiana’s tax system. Let’s explore why abolishing TIF districts and capping property taxes is essential:

  1. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts: A Closer Look:

    • TIF districts divert property tax revenue from schools, public services, and other essential functions.
    • While TIFs aim to spur economic development, they often benefit a select few at the expense of the broader community.
  2. Property Tax Caps: Protecting Homeowners and Farmers:

    • Capping property taxes at 1% of the purchase price ensures stability for homeowners and agricultural landowners.
    • Predictable property taxes encourage property ownership and investment, benefiting local communities.
  3. Balancing Economic Growth and Fiscal Prudence:

    • TIFs can distort economic incentives. By eliminating them, we encourage organic growth and entrepreneurship.
    • Responsible fiscal management requires us to prioritize essential services over special interests.
  4. Transparency and Accountability:

    • TIFs often lack transparency. Citizens deserve to know how their tax dollars are used.
    • By capping property taxes, we ensure that everyone pays their fair share while protecting property rights.
  5. Empowering Hoosiers:

    • Property tax relief benefits all Hoosiers, not just a privileged few.
    • Let’s empower homeowners, farmers, and small businesses by limiting their tax burden.

In summary, abolishing TIF districts and capping property taxes at 1% of purchase price aligns with our commitment to individual rights, economic freedom, and responsible governance. Together, we can create a more prosperous Indiana.

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