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Championing Medical Freedom and Individual Choice in Indiana

Introduction: As your next Governor, I will be committed to safeguarding Hoosiers’ medical freedoms and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Let’s delve into the specifics of our approach:

  1. Health Coverage and Mandates:

    • Libertarian Stance: Government should not coerce citizens into purchasing health insurance. Hoosiers deserve the freedom to choose whether or not to participate in insurance programs.
    • Voluntary Vaccination: While vaccines play a crucial role in public health, vaccination decisions should remain voluntary. Coercion undermines trust and personal agency.
    • Mask Mandates: Hoosiers should not be compelled by government mandates to wear masks. Instead, we encourage informed choices based on individual risk assessments.
  2. Strengthening Legal Protections:

    • Living Wills and Medical Power of Attorney: These legal instruments empower individuals to express their healthcare preferences in advance. As Governor, I will work to strengthen these protections.
    • Transparent Processes: We’ll ensure that living wills and medical power of attorney documents are accessible, well-understood, and respected by healthcare providers.
  3. Parental Rights and Minor Children:

    • Autonomy for Parents: Hoosiers must retain the right to make healthcare decisions for their minor children. Parental judgment, in consultation with medical professionals, should guide these choices.
    • Informed Consent: Transparency is key. Parents should receive comprehensive information about treatments, vaccines, and potential risks. Informed consent ensures responsible decision-making.
  4. Indiana as a Beacon of Medical Freedom:

    • Lead by Example: Our state can be a model for respecting individual autonomy. By championing medical freedom, we demonstrate that liberty and health can coexist.

Conclusion: Let’s build an Indiana where medical decisions are guided by informed consent, compassion, and respect for personal autonomy. Together, we can create a healthier, more empowered Hoosier population—one that thrives in freedom and well-being.

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