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Stopping the Growth of Government - Freezing the State Budget

As your next Governor of the State of Indiana, I am committed to prudent fiscal management and ensuring the well-being of our citizens. Therefore, I propose the following measures to safeguard our state’s financial stability:

  1. Budget Freeze Proposal: I will formally request the Indiana General Assembly to enact a four-year freeze on the State budget, commencing with the budget session in January 2025. During this period, I advocate for a rigorous halt to any new spending initiatives and firmly oppose any tax increases.

  2. Justification:

    • Stability and Predictability: By maintaining a stable budget framework, we provide certainty to our residents, businesses, and public institutions. Predictable financial conditions foster economic growth and attract investments.
    • Addressing Recent Spending Surge: The recent passage of one of the largest increases in state spending in history by the Indiana General Assembly necessitates a prudent response. Rather than perpetuating this upward trajectory, we must exercise fiscal restraint to prevent undue strain on our resources.
    • Long-Term Vision: Our goal is to ensure that Indiana remains financially resilient over the next four years. By avoiding unnecessary budget expansions, we can allocate resources strategically, focusing on critical priorities such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure.
  3. Veto Authority: I pledge to use my veto power to block any attempts to raise the state budget or introduce new taxes during this crucial period. It is essential that we maintain a balanced approach, considering both the immediate needs and the long-term sustainability of our state’s finances.

In summary, let us chart a prudent course—one that balances responsible governance with the welfare of our citizens. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient Indiana for generations to come.

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