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Strengthening Unemployment Insurance in Indiana

Introduction: During the pandemic year of 2020, over one million Hoosiers faced job losses due to government-mandated business shutdowns. Unfortunately, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) struggled to meet the needs of these citizens, resulting in financial consequences that many are still recovering from.

The Libertarian Approach: As your next Governor, I propose comprehensive reforms to enhance our unemployment insurance system, focusing on efficiency, innovation, and individual choice:

  1. Streamlined Claims Processing:

    • The DWD must undergo significant reforms to process claims promptly. Timely assistance during job transitions is critical for Hoosiers’ financial stability.
    • We’ll invest in modernizing technology, reducing bureaucracy, and ensuring efficient communication channels.
  2. Encouraging a Private Market:

    • Rather than relying solely on a government-administered system, we’ll encourage the development of a private unemployment insurance market.
    • Private insurers can offer tailored plans, responsive customer service, and competitive pricing.
  3. Coverage for All Hoosiers:

    • Our goal is to provide meaningful coverage for every Hoosier breadwinner, regardless of employment type (W-2, 1099, or small business owner).
    • By fostering a competitive private market, we ensure that options are accessible and affordable.
  4. Indiana as a Model:

    • We’ll lead by example, demonstrating that privatized unemployment insurance can work effectively.
    • Our success can inspire other states to explore similar reforms.

Conclusion: By embracing innovation, choice, and efficiency, we can create a stronger safety net for Hoosiers. Let’s build an Indiana where financial stability is within reach for all, regardless of government-imposed circumstances.

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