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Empowering Hoosier Families: The Vision for Universal School Choice

As your next Governor, I will be committed to expanding educational opportunities and empowering parents to make the best choices for their children. Let’s delve into the my perspective on universal school choice:

  1. Parental Autonomy and Real Options:

    • Libertarian Principle: I believe that parents, not bureaucrats, know what’s best for their children. By maximizing school choice, we honor parental autonomy.
    • Diverse Options: Hoosier parents should have a rich array of choices:
      • Public Schools: Traditional public schools remain an option.
      • Private Schools: Parents can choose private schools that align with their values and educational philosophies.
      • Online Schools: Technology allows for flexible, personalized learning.
      • Charter Schools: These innovative institutions provide alternatives within the public system.
      • Homeschooling: Families who prefer home-based education should have full support.
  2. Including Non-Accredited Institutions:

    • Inclusive Approach: Our vision extends beyond accredited schools. We advocate for legislation that includes non-accredited educational institutions.
    • Empowering Parents: If a non-accredited school meets a family’s needs, it should be a valid choice. Parents are the best judges of quality.
  3. Funding Equality and Transparency:

    • Equal Funding: Education funding should follow the child, not the institution. Regardless of school choice, every child deserves the same funding.
    • No Strings Attached: I reject conditional funding. Parents should receive education dollars without mandates or ideological strings.
    • Transparency: Clear accounting ensures that taxpayer funds are used effectively.
  4. Opting Out of Funding:

    • Voluntary Participation: Parents who wish to opt out of public funding should have that right. No coercion.
    • Personal Responsibility: Opting out means taking full responsibility for educational costs. It’s a choice, not a punishment.
  5. Indiana as a Pioneer in Educational Freedom:

    • Lead by Example: By championing universal school choice, Indiana becomes a beacon of educational freedom. Other states can learn from our model.
    • Thriving Students: When parents have real options, students thrive. Competition drives excellence.

Let’s break down barriers, empower parents, and create a vibrant educational landscape. By trusting families and respecting their choices, we build a stronger Indiana—one where every child’s potential is unlocked. 

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