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Economic Development Vision Statement

As a Libertarian candidate for Indiana Governor, my vision for economic development is rooted in the principles of freedom, individual liberty, and minimal government intervention. I believe in creating a thriving economy by reducing the tax burden, fostering a competitive educational system, and protecting property rights. 

Employment and Wages: I envision a job market driven by small businesses and entrepreneurs who are unencumbered by excessive taxes and regulations. By eliminating state income tax and reducing other taxes, we can increase the take-home pay of Hoosiers, allowing them to invest more in their families and communities. 

Population and Talent Attraction/Retention: Indiana must become a beacon of opportunity. By advocating for universal school choice, we encourage educational excellence and innovation, making our state attractive to families and top talent. A tax-friendly environment will also retain our homegrown talent and attract new residents seeking economic freedom. 

Land Use for Employment and Housing Growth: I oppose the use of eminent domain for private gain and believe in the sanctity of property rights. Land use should be determined by the market, not government planners. This approach will naturally lead to a balance of employment opportunities and housing growth that reflects the needs and desires of the community. 

Infrastructure & Utilities: I support infrastructure projects that respect property rights and are truly necessary for the public good. Investments in roads, broadband, and utilities should be made with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, avoiding unnecessary debt and taxation. 

Quality of Place and Quality of Life: The best way to enhance the quality of place and life is to empower individuals to make choices for themselves. A government that stays out of the way allows communities to flourish organically, reflecting the unique values and needs of its residents. 

In contrast to the current path, which often relies on heavy taxation and government planning, my approach emphasizes personal responsibility, market-driven solutions, and a government that protects individual rights rather than dictates personal choices. This vision will lead to a more prosperous, free, and vibrant Indiana for all. 

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