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From the desk of Donald Rainwater, regarding his stance on DCS:

The Department of Child Services (DCS) has failed to reform itself under Governor Holcomb.

Its fatal flaw is an entrenched culture of reunification of a child with its parents, regardless of the safety of the child.  A child’s safety, and the interests of safe environments created by foster and potential adoptive parents is not of importance with the current version of DCS.

Reunification of a child with the parents is a noble goal, but it must be under circumstances in which the parents have made significant changes to alleviate the previously dangerous situations which resulted in the removal of the child from their home.

The focus must be on the best interests of the child, with due process safeguards for the child’s parents.

To read his full policy position on DCS, please visit: DCS Position Paper


Virtual Town Hall with Donald Rainwater (replay)


From the desk of Donald Rainwater, regarding his stance on the police:

I have repeatedly stated that I support police departments and officers.  Our police
departments play an important role in safeguarding our individual rights.  I do believe
that we need to do a better job of identifying and removing bad officers from the force. 
That is a problem with an individual, not the policing.  We also need to reform many of
our criminal justice statutes and ensure that they reflect the purpose of protecting the
rights of citizens and are not designed to further government overreach.
My grandfather was a police officer and, when he retired, he was beloved in the
community.  I am a strong supporter of all of our first responders.  Anyone who says
otherwise doesn’t know me and doesn’t speak for me. 

- Donald Rainwater


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